Commercial Transactions

Commercial Transactions Attorney & Lawyers Las VegasWe provide commercial contract support & negotiation services for transaction matters ranging from straightforward agreements to complex multi-party projects spanning multiple jurisdictions.

Our advice covers all kinds of commercial agreements including purchase and supply, partnering, agency and distribution, franchise, logistics and warehousing, construction contracts, facilities management, management arrangements, commercial outsourcing, joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances.

Working with clients we structure and document commercial agreements with strategic partners to align objectives achieving market advantage. We draft the range of documents necessary to create and preserve business relationships, protect our clients’ rights and enhance the value of their businesses.

The firm has represented diverse businesses of all sizes, including publicly-traded and privately-held companies, individual entrepreneurs, not-for-profit entities, real estate ventures, and high-technology companies. The firm represents companies at all stages of the business cycle, from start-ups to mature businesses. For clients just starting up, we can guide them through the often bewildering array of issues faced at the inception of a business.

The firm assists start-ups with all kinds of legal needs, from setting up employment and compensation arrangements, to real estate leasing, to financing and tax planning.Evaluation of Business Opportunities – We counsel clients to meet the challenges of setting up or expanding business systems, including special financial structures;Business Structure and Formation – We analyze and prepare all necessary documents and agreements for clients interested in establishing or owning and investing in businesses including:

  •     License agreements
  •     Public offering circulars and documents
  •     Franchise, distribution and territory agreements
  •     Performance standard addendums
  •     Lease agreements
  •     Operation and procedure manuals
  •     Incorporation
  •     Joint ventures
  •     Shareholder and other business document

Regulatory Compliance – We guide clients through the regulatory requirements of the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations and state laws governing pre-sale disclosures as well as initial annual registration of franchise documents. Our services include:

  •     Marketing strategy assistance and advertising review
  •     Preparation and negotiation of franchise, license and distributorship agreements
  •     Procedures to avoid disputes
  •     Antitrust and other laws relating to marketing decisions and competition
  •     Termination and renewal of business relationships
  •     Business transfers