Disposal of Abandoned Personal Property on Commercial Premises

In 2011, Nevada added a new chapter to its statutes concerning commercial landlord and tenant laws. Prior to the enactment of the new chapter, NRS 118C, commercial property owners were forced to use the guidelines set for residential abandoned property that requires 30 days of storage of personal property prior to disposal.

NRS 118C allows a landlord to dispose of abandoned personal property after 14 days. A notice of intent to dispose of the abandoned property must be sent by certified mail with return receipt requested to the tenant’s present or last known address. After notice has been made and the 14 days have elapsed, the landlord may dispose of the property and recover reasonable costs incurred from the disposal of the abandoned property. The landlord may not, however, hold the personal property as ransom for rent. The statute does not apply to abandoned vehicles. Landlords should refer to NRS 487 in that situation.

For more information on landlord and tenant rights and obligations regarding commercial premises please see Nevada Revised Statute 118C.

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